Russia issue casts shadow over Olympics

Ukraine wants Russian athletes out of the Games but the IOC talks of them competing as neutrals, so something has to give in the row clouding the 2024 Olympics.

Israeli court asked to punish PM over legal reform plan

Israel’s Supreme Court has been asked to punish Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for an alleged breach of a conflict of interest agreement.

USA UKRAINE RUSSIA CONFLICT Washington has agreed to send Abrams tanks to Ukraine to persuade Germany to send Leopards.
321 heavy tanks promised to Ukraine

A total of 321 heavy tanks have been promised to Ukraine by several countries, Ukraine’s ambassador to France said on BFM television on Friday.

Wall St ends volatile week higher as bank fears ease

The major US indices have notched weekly gains after an up-and-down week marked by an interest rate hike and mounting worries over the banking system.

Afghan women barred from uni entrance exam

Afghan authorities have told private universities that women are barred from taking university entry exams.

Daylight savings dispute splits Lebanese time in two

A dispute between Lebanese political and religious authorities over when to enter daylight savings time has divided the country into two time zones.

Israeli army reinforces in West Bank

Israeli police say a 13-year-old Palestinian boy opened fire at a group of passers-by, wounding two people, before he was shot and wounded by one of them.