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England sizzles: figures show equal hottest summer on record

With an average temperature of 17.1C, the English summer of 2022 has equalled the record for the hottest season dating back to 1884.

September 2, 2022
By Emily Beament
2 September 2022

England has had its joint hottest summer on record.

According to the Met Office, provisional figures showed the summer of 2022, covering June, July and August, had an average temperature of 17.1C, tying with 2018 to be the warmest in records stretching back to 1884.

It means that four of the five warmest summers on record for England have occurred since 2003, as the effect of human-induced climate change is felt on the country's summer temperatures.

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The hot summer included the record-breaking heat in July, which saw temperatures climb above 40C for the first time in the UK, as climate change drives more frequent and intense heatwaves.

Much of England has been gripped by drought after months of low rainfall, with the hot, dry conditions drying up rivers, damaging crops and fuelling wildfires that have destroyed homes and land.

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